Vision, Mission, Goals, Values, and Principles


The leading school in the field of Special Education that develops individuals with special needs who function well in a family setting and participate actively in community life as true contributors to society.


To sustain our role and commitment to provide quality, holistic, and innovative programs and services in the field of Special Education from early intervention to adult vocational programs.

As stated in its Article of Incorporation, the primary purpose of the center is:
“To provide a broad range of services in the field of Special Education including, but not limited to, the operation of teaching facilities for children with special education needs, rendering diagnostic and consultancy services, materials, training of teachers, and all manner of things necessary or desirable to develop, promote and expand the field of Special Education and to promote public awareness of the needs of Special Education Programs."


• To help individuals with developmental conditions discover, develop, and maximize their potential through quality Special Education programs and ancillary rehabilitation services;
• To work for the progress of Special Education in the Philippines through the development of effective curriculum and teacher training programs; and
• To share best practices in the field of Special Education.


Every TLC Staff member upholds:

Technical Excellence
   ? by setting and meeting high standards in program, service, curriculum, and activity development, implementation, and innovation; work performance, and facilities;
   ? maintaining professionalism and strict work ethics at all times; and
   ? pursuing individual and group improvement and continuing education;

   ? by developing a clear vision, seeking feasible solutions, and guiding others toward a positive contribution to the students, school, and field of Special Education;
   ? seizing the initiative and welcoming responsibility with purpose, possibility, enthusiasm, perseverance, and dynamism;
   ? espousing integrity, honesty, receptivity, humility, and accountability; and
   ? inspiring camaraderie, teamwork, and collaboration;


   ? by advocating unconditional positive regard for all;
   ? exercising active participation in relevant action; and
   ? rendering genuine service and school loyalty.


TLC believes in:

• Student-centered policies, programs, and services
• Structured Teaching
• Interdisciplinary team approach
• Improving quality of life
• Community formation and integration